My Skill Progress

I have can do anything from Photoshop to Excel to C++ to Swift. I took EECs 183 to teach me the basics and fundamentals of C++ and Python. I have a basic proficiency with the statistics program R. My Photoshop knowledge comes from a small class I took in high school and self-teaching

C++ and Swift


I used Excel in my SI 301 class to analyze my own social network data as well as other large scale social networks.

Excel Logo

Graphic Design

I have a good proficiency with Photoshop and programs like "Gimp". I had a graphic design class in high school that started me off but I learned more complicated tactics from videos and other online resources. For other projects, I created app icons and loading screens using Photoshop.

Photoshop Logo

C++ and Python

I also made a dining hall app in Swift as a group project for EECs 183. We added other language support as well as support for Google maps along with other small features. We also styled the app blue and yellow.

Screenshot of Dining Hall App